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Grand Rapids, MI

​Hi.  I'm Mike Dokter.  I've ridden the coat tails of others.  I hang out with people who are much more talented and much smarter than I am.  I consistently work to learn as much as I can from these people so I can help others along their journey as well.  


What I think...


Mike Dokter

I had lunch this week with a friend I had not seen in
years. It’s amazing how things can pick
up right where they left off sometimes.
We started talking openly and honestly like we hadn’t skipped a
beat. We talked about life, love, pain,
faith, business, and all the other bullshit that comes along with just “living”.

It got me thinking about what real friendship is all
about. I think that friendship, real,
Christ centered friendship is about walking with someone…no matter what. Being beside them when shit hits the
fan. You don’t have to agree with them,
you could flat disagree with them. That’s
not the point. The point is, that if you
are going to be a real friend to someone, you be there. You make sacrifices. You sacrifice reputation, time, sometimes
fun, all in the name of friendship. You
are there for them. You hurt with
them. You laugh with them. You drink with them. You don’t judge them because you realize that
you have your stains too. You have the
same shit on your face that they have on theirs. That’s friendship. Looking at someone else’s face and realizing
you have shit on yours. Thanks
for calling Jeff, it was great to see you brother.