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Grand Rapids, MI

​Hi.  I'm Mike Dokter.  I've ridden the coat tails of others.  I hang out with people who are much more talented and much smarter than I am.  I consistently work to learn as much as I can from these people so I can help others along their journey as well.  

To My Esteemed Colleagues…

Business Tips

To My Esteemed Colleagues…

Mike Dokter

There are 12 of you.
We have been together for two years and the first chapter of the rest of our lives ended today.  I just wanted to say thank you.

Margaret - We found the orientation room together.  I was not aware that you were soon to become cohort mom.  You’re an oxymoron of a lawyer: stubborn as hell but quick to settle.  You were Derek’s first cougar and the only one who will ever have veto
rights on your replacement.  Thank you for your insight and playing devils advocate when we got out of line.  Your perspective and experience as a business
owner and an attorney brought an excellent mix to our group.

Alma – You are and always will be the baby of the group.  Not in the “I’m fussy” sense but more in the “I am and always will be younger than all of you” sense.  Thank you for trying to get me multiple jobs at Amway.  Clearly they knew better than to hire me.  You’re quick and bright and have a great future ahead of you.  I am
very excited to follow your career.
Also, you are a phenomenal Facebook Stalker.

Steve – It was a pleasure to learn from you, my friend.  You have experienced the highs and lows of the industry we were both stupid enough to get into.  Your leadership, humor, and overall Mr. Clean like demeanor are beyond compare.  Keep
this program going and for goodness sake please get someone to approve a
marketing budget for it.

Joyce – Getting to know you has been a pleasure.  I’m fairly certain you said a total of 14
words the entire first 7 weeks of the program.  All we knew was that you were an accountant from Kalamazoo who liked McDonalds and Diet Coke.  We soon learned
of your ambitions, drive, and humble beginnings as a cage fighter.  We are all so proud that you chose to stick this program out.  Thank you for not
quitting on us.  You looked great in pink today, although we all loved the turtlenecks.

Reid – You were the only person I knew before coming into this program.  I had no idea you would become such a great friend.  I spent the best 3 weeks of my life traveling around Europe with you and sleeping head to toe in small hotel rooms.  You are
brilliant, hilarious, and one of the kindest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of
befriending.  You’re a class act brother, thank you for setting the example. 

Sonya – Where to start…Kevin said it best this weekend, “All treble, no bass”.  Your joy is infectious and your quick start attitude makes me look like a snail.  Margaritas at The Can will never be forgotten.  Fairly certain between you and I, we have embarrassed our share of patrons there.  You have a keen instinct and give good advice, even though you are crazy hippie liberal.  Your resolve during a dark time will not be forgotten by any of us.  Thank you for your warmth and love for everyone you meet, even Kevin.

Mike – Working for and along side you has been a blessing.  You are an amazing man of
faith and a terrific friend.  You are a true leader; kind, strong, wise, and caring whom I’d be proud to follow.

Jason – I first knew you as a man of few words.  The more I learned, the more I was
amazed.  You are the only person I have ever met who carries his pistol in his Prius.
I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have been in a group with you for our final project.  Your insight into a world I have never seen is truly fascinating.  Thank you for your direct style and thoughtful comments.  Your knowledge and experience was an asset to our cohort.

Derek – Although you don’t say much, when you do, it’s classic and often hilarious.  Thank you for allowing most of us to live vicariously through your stories.  I’m so glad we didn’t have to kick that guy’s ass that threatened you for not peeing on his shoe.  You’re direct, practical, and a great confidant and friend.  Thank you for listening. 

Joe – Our cumulative IQ is not as high as yours.  I know this because most of the time,
although what you said was accurate, many of us had no idea what was going on.  You have a kind heart, a quick mind, and an under rated sense of humor.  Thank you for your insight into things I never new I would know so much about. 

Dayna – Learning with you has been a pleasure.  You have an amazing quality in that you always see the best in everyone you meet.  Your passion and desire to be a life long learner is truly inspiring.  Congratulations on your new position.  You’ve earned it!

Kevin – If you weren’t such an asshole, I wouldn’t like you so much.  Thank you for your sarcasm and humor.  You made me look like a saint.  You are a brilliant man with
excellent instinct.  It has been an honor to learn from you both personally and professionally.  You are a leader whose insight has helped me become a better person and I would follow you anywhere. 

Thank you all for being with me through my successes and failures the past two years.  You all played a part in helping me become a better man.  I surely couldn’t have done it without you. 

If any of you ever need anything, you know where to find me.

Warm Regards,