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Grand Rapids, MI

​Hi.  I'm Mike Dokter.  I've ridden the coat tails of others.  I hang out with people who are much more talented and much smarter than I am.  I consistently work to learn as much as I can from these people so I can help others along their journey as well.  

Na Zdrowie Consulting...

In 2016, I restructured myself to align more with what I believe are my top passions in life; to fix problems, help people, and teach.  I've always been passionate about these things and have worked hard to develop a scenario where I could truly do what I feel I was created to do.  Hence the creation of Na Zdrowie Ltd.  Na Zdrowie is a financial and entrepreneurial education company with a mission of bringing high level financial solutions to the current macroeconomic climate  of the United States to middle America.  Unfortunately the education gap in this country has been disguised and marketed as a wealth gap.  This is both inaccurate and unfortunate.  Na Zdrowie exists to dispel these myths and empower those who want more for their lives to take full advantage of the context our wonderful country has to offer.

I've worked with many companies helping them get from point A to point Z.  All of these companies are great businesses with great people, but many of them struggle with growth, strategy, and atomization of their business tasks.  My goal, like any consultant's goal should be, in working with your company is to identify your gaps, and develop SMART goals along with an achievable action plan to achieve said goals.  Sometimes all we need is someone looking at our situation from an unbiased view to see where we really may be struggling.  I know I have.  If you do, please reach out to me at so we can schedule a time to talk about it.