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When Mike was 19, he started his first business.  When he was 22, he was a massive failure at that business, newly married, and in massive amounts of debt.  Obviously, the perfect recipe for success he had concocted was missing a key ingredient. Mike didn’t find it till years later. 

It took a failed marriage, working for some many major companies, more failed business ideas, multiple mentors, two college degree’s, and traveling around the world to figure it out.

For Mike, at the end of the day, it’s was no longer about the checklist of things we are expected to accomplish when we’re 18 and leave mom and dad’s house.  

It was no longer about trying to find some magic metric to measure or define success.

And it was no longer about worrying what those around him may have thought of his career path.

Mike realized that significance isn’t created or measured by metrics.  Significance is created by understanding that gratitude is a verb and measured by your actions in response to what was done for you.

For Mike, success, significance, and peace in his journey are found through awareness and measured through his response. 

You can have that peace. It’s just a matter of being aware of your journey.