Since he was 19, Mike has had amazing opportunities to learn from some of the brightest minds in the business world. That education has translated into him consulting to and working for companies like Coca-Cola, Metro PCS, Captain Morgan, Bethany Christian Services, FortuneBuilders, Davenport University, and Motown Property Group. Mike has screwed up a lot. More importantly, though, he’s learned a lot from those mistakes and even more from people much smarter than him. Because of this, he’s been able to help students of all ages, individuals from all walks of life, and businesses at all levels of success gain perspective on how to get to the next level. Mike speaks regularly on gratitude, leadership, and how to effectively tell a story that matters to audiences of all ages and all backgrounds.

He consistently demonstrates intellectual curiosity as well as an ability to convert concepts and theory into practical applications.
...spontaneous, clever and engaging - all attributes that make [his content] enjoyable.
— Frank Novakowski, Ph.D.
He is an individual who brings excitement and enthusiasm wherever he goes. His leadership ability and strong commitment in helping others are necessary skills to succeed.
— Susan Glover, DBA
Mike has opened doors for me that I wasn’t even considering.
— Ken Fortier, Director of Sales & Marketing - Deksia
Bright, quick-minded, and entrepreneurial. When he does initiate action, he has two other things going for him: people like him and he works hard. Mike is always about the win/win, and his consistently positive attitude keeps everyone believing in what we can accomplish together.
— Greg Smith, Author - Be Wise, Do Good, Live Free & Lost In The Pages: A Characters View on Life