Don't Make Major Career Decisions Based On Money

There’s a common theme between people who are stuck in a perpetual state of “maybe”. They have a misguided set of priorities. I had someone reach out to me yesterday via social media. We connected today and they wanted to get started in a new industry but had literally no idea what they wanted to accomplish. The only thing they said was they wanted to be in this specific industry because, “that’s where the money’s at”. First off, this is a horrible reason to do anything. Second, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Finally, there are much better ways to make major life decisions. Here’s why…

First, don’t make a major decision based on money. Little decisions, yes. Let money dictate if you need that new pair of shoes or should go on that trip, or if your kids really need the new iPhone.

DON’T let money dictate major life decisions.

Five years ago, I was finishing up my Executive Master’s Cohort with some awesome business leaders. We were discussing the next steps and I was at a bit of a crossroads. The crossroads was whether or not to double down on the corporate path I was on, or try to fulfill what I felt I was created to do. Fix problems, help people, and teach.

A member of my cohort spoke up and shared his perspective. He had just gotten promoted to the GM of Eastern Operations for a major dairy company. Like, major. One you have in your fridge right now or have had in at one point in your life. He was wildly successful by all standards. He told me if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn’t have chased the money. It cost him time, relationships, and mental & physical stress. Having peace with these things, he said, further outweighed any salary and benefits package.

Ironically, 18 months later, he left that job to open a bed and breakfast in New England, runs it with his wife, and has never been happier.

DON’T make major life decisions based on money. It’s not worth it.

I have another friend who was in the business world for years. He is insanely talented. He built companies and sold them. The last company he built and sold, he negotiated in an executive leadership position. After 3 years, he resigned, realized he didn't ever really want to be running and leading businesses, and decided to broker yachts for a living instead.

Now, I don’t know if he makes more or less money. I would assume less but we never discussed it. I dare bet, however, brokering yachts is a little less secure than being an executive at a global company.

Why would he do this?

Outside of the awesome pics he gets to post on FB and Insta, it’s because no home, no car, no title, and no amount of status is going to really truly provide you with ultimate happiness. The ONLY thing that will give you that peace and that shalom is finding what it is you were supposed to do. What the Creator created you to do.

Sometimes that’s a long, long journey.

Now, hear me clearly. I’m not saying be stupid. I’m not saying don’t have a plan. I’m saying start developing one. Now.

It’s probably going to be hard.

It doesn’t matter, though. It’s not worth another second devoting time to something that’s not getting you to your ultimate end game.

Figure out what you love and follow that. Opportunities and money will come.

Be smart, be calculated, take action.

Stay grateful, friends.