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Prove Your Concept | Get Their Attention

I talked with one of my best friends this week about the best route for him to get started in business. The path is different for everyone but one theme rings constant…you need to prove your concept. No matter what type of business you are starting, no one gives a shit about your ideas. What they give a shit about is your results. Prove your concept to get their attention.

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Don’t try to innovate in a mature industry. You may get screwed…

I was reading an article in Bloomberg tonight about JCP and their “downfall”.  The article entitled, “Can Penney Get Off The Down Escalator” talked about the short tenure of ex Apple executive Ron Johnson (fired April, 8) who attempted to reinvent the company over the last few years.  He was also featured on a recent CBS Sunday Morning piece.  I like Ron Johnson, and not just because I’m typing this blog on a Mac.  I like him because he’s an innovator. 

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Value vs. Values...

I spoke to my EMBA cohort recently on the idea of values; both personal and in the workplace.  Honestly, most of the talk I stole from my two boss’s @smithgreg and @robertstam who co-authored a book called Almost Our Time in which, one of the chapters was titled, “Value vs. Values”.  I spoke about this topic and am writing about it now because I believe it is something that deserves further thought and investigation.  If you are looking for more of an in depth analysis, I’d recommend picking up a copy of the book on Amazon.  For now, let’s just explore some of the topics.

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