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Don't Make Major Career Decisions Based On Money

There’s a common theme between people who are stuck in a perpetual state of “maybe”. They have a misguided set of priorities. I had someone reach out to me yesterday via social media. We connected today and they wanted to get started in a new industry but had literally no idea what they wanted to accomplish. The only thing they said was they wanted to be in this specific industry because, “that’s where the money’s at”. First off, this is a horrible reason to do anything. Second, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Finally, there are much better ways to make major life decisions. Here’s why…

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The First Step in Tackling a Difficult Problem

A friend came to me recently and said, “Dude, I have a huge problem.” (I always get excited when things like this happen because most problems aren’t that huge).

“Dude, seriously…I think my wife is cheating on me.”

Ok, well you have my attention. This is obviously more intense than, “Dude, the store was out of my favorite beer and now I don’t have any for the game.”

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Prove Your Concept | Get Their Attention

I talked with one of my best friends this week about the best route for him to get started in business. The path is different for everyone but one theme rings constant…you need to prove your concept. No matter what type of business you are starting, no one gives a shit about your ideas. What they give a shit about is your results. Prove your concept to get their attention.

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Understanding the Financial System

Nobody likes to talk budgets and spending.  It's uncomfortable.  Thats probably why so many people suck at it.  Especially when it comes to debt and leverage.  The argument can, and should, probably be made that if you can't balance a checkbook with $100 in it, no one should give you $1,000.  Honestly, the only difference in the two is zero's and zero's are worthless.  What's important is the mindset.  How do you think and act around your time and money?

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What I Wish I Knew About Business at 19...

Isn’t it funny sometimes, as time goes by, if you really are trying to tune into a specific channel you can often find it?  This is a revised post of a previous entry I wrote years’ back entitled, “Common Sense is Hard”.  It spurred conversations that have lead to me having the privilege to kick off my alma mater’s 2018 Speaker Series on February 13th at the beautiful Entrepreneurial Center of Davenport University.  Those of you who knew me 4 years ago, know I’ve gone through some pretty awesome experiences and changes that have allowed me to gain a much broader perspective on the topics from my original post.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the perspective I’ve gained and I hope it can help you avoid some of the costly mistakes I’ve had throughout my career.

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Human Capital vs. the Human Being...

​I had an interesting conversation a while back with some area business leaders that I felt worth sharing.  We were looking at a case study where a CEO discussed the idea of identifying what they called: Human Capital.  This to me is an interesting idea that I take issue with a little bit.  So, I started what ended up being a half an hour conversation on the idea of what human capital actually refers to and how it relates to the idea of the human being or what I referred to in an earlier blog as “The Human Element.”

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Don’t try to innovate in a mature industry. You may get screwed…

I was reading an article in Bloomberg tonight about JCP and their “downfall”.  The article entitled, “Can Penney Get Off The Down Escalator” talked about the short tenure of ex Apple executive Ron Johnson (fired April, 8) who attempted to reinvent the company over the last few years.  He was also featured on a recent CBS Sunday Morning piece.  I like Ron Johnson, and not just because I’m typing this blog on a Mac.  I like him because he’s an innovator. 

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Value vs. Values...

I spoke to my EMBA cohort recently on the idea of values; both personal and in the workplace.  Honestly, most of the talk I stole from my two boss’s @smithgreg and @robertstam who co-authored a book called Almost Our Time in which, one of the chapters was titled, “Value vs. Values”.  I spoke about this topic and am writing about it now because I believe it is something that deserves further thought and investigation.  If you are looking for more of an in depth analysis, I’d recommend picking up a copy of the book on Amazon.  For now, let’s just explore some of the topics.

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