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Don't Make Major Career Decisions Based On Money

There’s a common theme between people who are stuck in a perpetual state of “maybe”. They have a misguided set of priorities. I had someone reach out to me yesterday via social media. We connected today and they wanted to get started in a new industry but had literally no idea what they wanted to accomplish. The only thing they said was they wanted to be in this specific industry because, “that’s where the money’s at”. First off, this is a horrible reason to do anything. Second, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Finally, there are much better ways to make major life decisions. Here’s why…

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Understanding the Financial System

Nobody likes to talk budgets and spending.  It's uncomfortable.  Thats probably why so many people suck at it.  Especially when it comes to debt and leverage.  The argument can, and should, probably be made that if you can't balance a checkbook with $100 in it, no one should give you $1,000.  Honestly, the only difference in the two is zero's and zero's are worthless.  What's important is the mindset.  How do you think and act around your time and money?

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