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Macro vs Micro. Get your marketing right...

Some people wanna sell you and others just want you to feel warm and fuzzy about them.  The smart one’s want both.  Ever notice that?  Let’s be real.  Everyone is in sales.  From one extreme to the other, everyone implores sales habits throughout the course of their day and definitely throughout the course of their career.  So how do some find longevity while others fade quickly?  Sales professionals or otherwise?  I think the difference lies in the definition and understanding of branding vs advertising.

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Why businesses hire marketing companies and then refuse to listen to them

​Remember that AMC show, The Pitch?  I love it.  I am a marketing guy by trade and education and a show like this is right up my alley and in my wheelhouse.  Here’s the premise of the show.  A major company brings in two competing advertising agencies at the same time.  They present their goals for the ad or brand campaign and the agencies have a week to come up with their best pitch.  The ad agencies then hear the pitches individually from the companies and decide which company they will ultimately hire to help them with their branding/marketing project.

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